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We carry out monitoring of all types of media, conduct in-depth market analytics and provide results with high-quality reporting.
PR tools for specialists in communications
Media monitoring
Media analysis
Track mentions in all types of media
Get the quantitative and qualitative
assessment of your PR efforts
Turn monitoring panel into beautiful interactive reports
32 000+
Countries where data is collected for further media monitoring
Languages in which analytics is conducted
News sources, which are analyzed daily
Publications daily
Our services are used by
PR Professionals
— Monitoring of social media and traditional media in one system
— PR reports and analytics
— Competitive analysis
— Online alerts 24/7
— Media databases
— Media and journalists ratings
— Automation of work
— Sending press releases
PR agency
— Attracting customers
— Argumentation of PR investment
— Increasing operational efficiency
— Measurement as an independent PR service
— Targeting and KPI in PR
— CRM for PR
— Reputation audits for customers
Political strategists and GR
— Monitoring of the authorities and the media
— Identification of problems
— Identification of thought leaders
— Expert evaluation
— Assessing the impact of laws and initiatives on public opinion
— Classification of political campaigns
— Reviewing key news
ECOSAP is an ideal tool if our specializations are:
PR support of B2C/B2B marketing
Corporate and internal communications
Financial communications and investor relations
External relations and GR
Political communications
Branding and promotion of the territories
Reputation PR
Cross-industry and other communications
Crisis Communications
ECOSAP is necessary if you are in your company:
Serve multiple large PR-projects simultaneously
Provide clients with PR report on your activities
Deal with a project with many channels of communication
Want to evaluate the professionalism of PR agency
Work on a project that requires deep knowledge of the industry
Want to increase sales
Compare PR activity of client and competitors
Refresh journalists' and opinion leaders' bases and organize the data
Spend a lot of time searching for mentions of your customers
ECOSAP is an indispensable tool if you need to:
Form a favorable image in politics
Participate in community projects and prepare expert assessments
Prevent information attacks
Organize resonance events in the media
Establish relationships with public authorities
Interact with relevant industry
Realize opportunities by engaging in political activity
Understand your audience and engage opinion leaders
Media Monitoring
1. Structured monitoring
2. Press Clipping, media scans
3. Review of key news
4. Instant messages (Alerts)
5. Video and audio stories with the text version
6. Digest about different industries on one page
7. Posts and comments on social networks
(by competitors, sources, authors, industries, source geography)
We offer you such services as:
Analysis and PR reporting
1. Dynamic reports and analytics
2. Media audit
3. Quantitative indicators
4. Qualitative indicators
5. Comprehensive evaluation models (IMQ)
6. Reputation Audit
7. Conclusions and recommendations
(number of publications, dynamics of references, breadth of sources, characteristics of the source, competitive analysis, TOP authors, reach of potential audience)
PR management
1. Setting goals and metrics
2. Databases
3. Content marketing
4. Press release spreading
5. CRM for PR
6. Expert surveys
7. Integration with marketing ecosystem
(ratings of media, authors, opinion leaders in social media, media ratings of politicians and parties, media ratings of government bodies, ratings of industry media, contacts of media and opinion leaders)
(tonality of mention, competitive analysis, publication focus, publication initiation, topic segmentation, citation index, source significance)
Media sources that we check regularly
TV and Radio
The complete transcripts of news stories and talk shows of national and regional TV channels and radio stations
Online Media
More than 8 000 Ukrainian and more than 20 000 international sources
News agencies
More than 400 agencies
All-Ukrainian press
More than 700 media
Regional press
Regional media in the day of publication
Specialized Press
Sectoral and specialized publications in 24 sectors
Our job is to constantly monitor all available sources.
Social media
Facebook, YouTube, Telegram
Website feedback
Industry Portals, Aggregators
How we build our work process:
We learn tasks and perform complete media audit.
Define goals and metrics for step of work.
We formulate key queries and monitor the media and social media.
Carefully select and segment the information received.
We perform quantitative and qualitative analytics
We provide comprehensive and clear PR reports, and give recommendations.
The result, you get
You clarify what is the effect of PR
You learn about PR share in the overall effectiveness of marketing and advertising efforts
You evaluate the effectiveness of investments in PR
You integrate PR results in КРІ
You learn about your audience
You will be able to prevent threats to reputation
You attract new audiences and increase the loyalty of existing one
You visualize results of communications
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Business group
Our clients
  • The best way to retain customers is to give them the results. ECOSAP helps not only to build quickly and easily a picture of brand mentions in the media, but also to show the client the result of our work in numbers.
    manager in PR agency
  • Working over any of PR projects it's important to control all its parts, regardless of scale. ECOSAP is great in monitoring of customer mentions, making analytical reports or sending press releases.
  • ECOSAP facilitates the implementation of difficult tasks in PR like media monitoring and reporting. Thanks to ECOSAP we can focus on our core task - the creation of communications.
    Head of Press Service
about us
ECOSAP team assembles the best experts in media monitoring and media analytics.
To achieve maximum results for our clients we combined efforts of a number of monitoring and analytical companies. Today we have the largest base of sources and use modern IT solutions for processing and analyzing texts. In our work we adhere to international standards of media measurement (AMEC and FIBEP).
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